Summer Sessions

How technology and innovation are changing creative advertising

31 August 8-9am

Delivered by Eve Conboy, Director and Head of Creative Technology in Radical, this inspiration talk will run from 8-9am on the 31 August.

The session will cover some of the exciting ways innovation, great UX design and technology can bring dimensions to branded advertising and communications.

Innovation and technology are changing the possibilities and constraints of advertising.
The days of just delivering a great 30 sec TV spot have gone – consumers are becoming more used to personalised customer and brand experiences delivered through their devices, and there is an increasing blur between traditional advertising, and newer forms of brand engagement that might include products, utilities, apps, services or experiences.

Topics Include

How and why is technology changing creative advertising? What’s driving this change?Looking at big trends such as creative data, artificial intelligence and VR
Showing some best practice examples of using technology and data in advertising, and discuss why they are so effective
Quick introduction to approaches brands and agencies are using to develop new ways of connecting with their audiences in innovative ways.

Q & A session to follow talk

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Social Influencers

9 August 8-9am

Delivered by Hazel Bollard, Client Manager at Zenith, this session on the 9 August will look at the power of Social Influencers and how they can benefit your business. It will also uncover some necessary considerations when selecting an Influencer.

Topics include

Influencers-a new Media Channel
Selecting an Influencer
Influencer case studies & examples
Measuring performance
How to make a profit

This session is ideal for businesses looking to explore social influencers as a viable media channel and also for those looking to establish themselves as a credible Social Influencer.

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How Programmatic will impact your Brand

23 August 8-9am

Programmatic has grown to be 35% of digital media buying in Ireland in 2017 and this is expected to increase to over 75% by 2020. Delivered by David Fogarty and David Mulligan, Programmatic Directors at Core, this highly interactive course will look at how and why programmatic is quickly becoming the norm in digital media. Using case studies, we will look at how automation has influenced both digital media and other industries. Throughout it all we will explore the terminology around Programmatic advertising and explain its benefits, drawbacks and where it is heading in the future.

After the course you will be able to

Deduce from the course where Programmatic is heading in the future.
Recognise the drawbacks that exist in Programmatic and learn how to combat them.
Be well versed in the benefits of Programmatic.
Make sense of current industry trends and potential problems in Programmatic.
Grasp the terminology used within Programmatic Advertising.
Understand through case studies, the effects automation can have on industries.
Develop a proficient level in understanding of Programmatic Advertising

Topics Include

Programmatic Introduction
What does Programmatic mean for your Brand?
What is Programmatic?
Industry Trends
Benefits and Drawbacks of Programmatic
Future of ProgrammaticThis a beginner’s course and you do not need to have any prior knowledge of Programmatic.

Both tutors have over 20 years combined experience in Programmatic, Search, Ad-Ops and Analytics and are well versed in all areas of Digital Marketing.

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VOD-What you need to know

7 September 8-9am

Delivered by Nick Fletcher, Board Director at Core, this session will examine how much TV viewing is now moving online, how it’s affecting traditional TV viewing and why this is happening.

Covering practical tips, we will show you how to get the best from VOD and how using VOD in tandem with TV campaigns can offer advertisers better value and more efficient activity.

Topics Include
Broadcast players and short form video operators including YouTube
Best practice case studies
Examine how
Netflix isn’t necessarily taking over the TV market in Ireland
Why the future may not be “smart”.

Q & A session to follow.

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