AV: The New Television

October 15th 2019 3 Hours (9:30 - 12:30)

The television market is going through its biggest change since John Logie Baird sent the first transmission back in 1926. This course will give you a full understanding of how people watch video, ninety years later. How many people really do watch Netflix? How many fast forward and never watch adverts? What exactly is TV in the 21st century? And why that doesn’t matter to advertisers.

The course introduces learners to the new platforms of watching video and why now, the conversation is all about “audio-visual” not television.

We will also explain that despite all this change – traditional television still ranks as the number one media for reaching consumers in Ireland and how you can best deliver effective and efficient communications using this media. We will also cover how new platforms like YouTube and broadcaster players are offering more choice than ever before.

Who should attend the course?

Anyone with an interest in television, video on demand or AV. We encourage advertisers who use the medium or those who think it’s beyond their budgets to attend – we will demonstrate new ways of using the medium that may be unexpected!

After the course you will be able to

  • Fully understand the new “AV” marketplace
  • Dispel myths surrounding the use of new technology
  • Question your current use of TV and VOD advertising
  • Be able to understand the “terminology of TV”
  • Be aware of all the new, exciting opportunities within “online video”

Course Content

  • What is Television in 2019?
    • Different platforms, devices and ways of watching
  • The “AV Market”
    • Putting TV channels and VOD in context
  • Who Watches What
  • The Pro’s And Con’s Of AV Advertising
    • Dispelling some myths
  • AV Strategy


This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in television, online video or advertising in general. No prior experience is necessary.

Why Core Learning

Nick Fletcher is the broadcast director at Core. With over twenty years’ experience working in broadcast media, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge to this course. He is passionate and enthusiastic about “the best medium there is”! Nick manages the largest TV account in Ireland and Core buys more airtime in Ireland than anyone else. One in four of every TV commercial is planned, bought and managed by Nick’s team. Nick is a board director of Core and also a board director of TAM Ireland, the Television Audience Measurement company of Ireland. He is also a member of the IAB’s Video Council.

Interesting reading prior to the course

We would recommend taking time before the course to study current TV schedules and channels. It’s an opportunity to watch more TV and call it “homework”!

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For more information

Please contact us on 01-649 6425 or email info@corelearning.ie 

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