Presentation Skills

May 15th 2019 3 Hours (9:30 - 12:30)

May 21st 2019 3 Hours (9:30 - 12:30)

Presentation skills are crucial for every area of business. Proposals and ideas are often only as good as the presentation that explains them.

On this in depth and interactive course you’ll learn how to produce and deliver, impactful and professional presentations that will convince your audience, whoever they are.


This course takes place over two half days and covers every aspect of presentation skills and begins with how to profile your audience and produce a presentation they want to hear.


You will learn the techniques required to structure a presentation as well as tell a story while landing your key points. A large emphasis is given on the delivery of presentations and participants will present their own decks and refine them based on expert feedback including reviewing video footage of them presenting.


All aspects of presentation skills are covered in real detail, beginning with how to profile the audience and produce the presentation they want to hear, which is often different from what you may want to say.

Who should attend the course?

Everyone who wants to create an impact when they present. Suitable for all levels including Marketing and Sales Directors, Managers, and executives.


After the course you will be able to


  • Set an aim and structure your presentation around the key questions your audience want answered
  • Storyboard, outline and refine a presentation to ensure it flows and tells an impactful story
  • Understand the benefits of standing versus sitting
  • Identify how to stand and move properly when presenting and how to identify and limit physical ticks
  • Deal with nerves and master that difficult opening and first slide
  • Rehearse with purpose, both individually and as a team
  • Use your voice to its capacity, incorporating light and shade to better engage with your audience
  • Use advanced rhetorical techniques to stand out from the crowd
  • Present as a coherent and consistent team, that your audience will want to work with


Course Content


  • How to profile an audience and construct a presentation that they want to hear
  • Anatomy of presentation/sales pitch
  • How to build and structure a presentation depending on your aim
  • How to open a presentation, building credibility and capturing interest immediately
  • How to add storytelling and flow to an outline presentation to land the key points
  • Handling Q&As and audience reaction
  • Physical presence – how to deliver a presentation stance and posture, tone of voice, language
  • How to present as a team, communicating chemistry and avoiding pitfalls
  • Advanced presentation skills: use of language and rhetorical devices
  • How to deliver presentations that impress and entertain at conferences



This course is suitable for all levels.


Why Core Learning:

This course is delivered by an extremely experienced team of presenters, who present to varied audiences every day, from small client meetings to large conferences.


Interesting reading prior to the course?

For interesting and practical approach to public speaking from beginner to advanced check out Dr. Mandar Marathe’s comprehensive checklist for presenting:

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