Google Analytics

November 15th 2018 3 Hours (9:30 - 12:30)

This is an introductory level course aimed at anyone who works in all areas of marketing or web management. It is designed to develop understanding to help learners understand what Google Analytics can track and how to read the reports to gain insight into exactly what their site is doing for their business. There is particular focus on the types of things that can’t be tracked on a website with the normal Analytics code and the other things that can be tracked using bespoke code. This course will also provide an introduction to the range of services available in Google Analytics and touch on why Google Tag Manager should also be implemented.

Who should attend the course?

Marketing managers, marketing executives, advertising executives, digital marketing teams, web developers, product managers.

After the course you will be able to


  • Understand how Google Analytics works
  • Know what Google Analytics tracks off the shelf
  • Know what else Google Analytics can track if implemented correctly
  • Understand the back end of Google Analytics
  • Understand how to read reports in Google Analytics
  • Understand how to setup your Google Analytics to save you time pulling reports


Course Content


  • How Analytics works – In this section we will cover how analytics code is implemented, what it looks like and the cookies used by Google Analytics on your website
  • Backend of Google Analytics – In this section we will show how to find the right data, how to limit access for different users, and how to setup goals or link adwords accounts
  • Conversions – We will cover how to spot micro or macro conversions on your site and what this means when it comes to analysis.
  • Live Demo of Product – During the live demo of the product we will slowly work our way through each of the reports that exist in Google Analytics and point out what we look for when analysing sites and what the metrics mean. We will also show how to drive efficiencies when you are analysing the same reports week in week out.


This a beginner’s to intermediate course and the learner does not need to have any prior knowledge of Google Analytics.

Why Core Learning

We have a broad range of experience and knowledge working across an extensive range of clients in implementing and analysing data.

Interesting Reading prior to the course?

For interesting analytics blog pieces and articles read the main man, Avinash Kaushiks, blog.

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